Mike Auldridge, Laura & Elise

Mike Auldridge, with daughter Laura and wife Elise.

Mike receives his plaque from National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Rocco Landesman.

NEA National Heritage Awards event, Great Hall of the Library of Congress

The Great Hall of the Library of Congress was the spectacular setting for one of the events recognizing the 2012 NEA National Heritage Fellows.

On stage at George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium, a powerful and beautiful performance by Mike Auldridge, accompanied by Rob Ickes (NEA National Heritage Fellowships Concert, Oct. 4, 2012).

Backstage, after the performance. As his friends and fans well know, Mike sets the bar high in fashion as well as music!

With Jon Lohman, Virginia State Folklorist

Jon Lohman’s tribute to Mike is an interesting glimpse into the NEA National Heritage Fellowships nomination process.

Mike Auldridge with his signature Beard resophonic guitar

Mike with his signature Beard resophonic guitar (Photo credit: Joe Crocetta)

One thought on “Photos

  1. Joseph Aulde says:

    Mike Auldridge was one of my Uncles. He became the most famous person in the family and loved all around the world for his music. I am glad that I got to speak with him on the phone about a year before he died, we hadn’t seen each other in many years due to my moving from Maryland while still in high school. I send my best to Elise, Laura and Michelle.
    Love Joe


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webcast of the fellowships concert

The National Heritage Fellowships Concert, including a performance by Mike Auldridge, was webcast from Lisner Auditorium in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 4. An archive video of the performance is available at
Click the Photos link above to see recently added photographs from the NEA National Heritage celebration events.

Mike Auldridge has been named one of nine 2012 recipients of the National Endowment for the Arts' National Heritage Fellowships – the nation's highest honor in the folk and traditional arts.

The Washington Post called Auldridge "one of maybe a handful of truly innovative Dobro players in the history of country and bluegrass music." Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that Mike Auldridge forever changed the sound of the dobro. There is the dobro before Mike, and there is the dobro after Mike, and the dividing line is unmistakeable. His influence is evident in the playing of every dobro player who has followed him, and his role as the key inspiration for the generation of dobro masters who followed him is an important element of his musical legacy.

This website celebrates Mike's enduring achievements, and the award of this prestigious fellowship to him.

read the NEA bio of Mike Auldridge here


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